Time at the Table: Reconnecting Families Around the Dinner Table


Time at the Table is a nonprofit organization focused on reconnecting families around the dinner table. We provide workshops to organizations and families with an underlying message of becoming self-sustainable utilizing our three ingredients for success: Meal Management, Creating Conversations, and Table Time.

This year, Time at the Table will be slightly stepping away from the forefront, but for a great reason. This year we will be building two resources for schools and organizations on how to begin a “Teaching Kitchen” in their community no matter the space.

The free resource will guide groups in the beginning stages with sample lessons, curriculum and asset building, finding resources, a “what to do when”, and well you get the point. The second resource will be a premium guide that anyone at any given day could open and teach a class. It will have detailed lesson planning, shopping lists, curriculum support on converting into state educational standards, etc. We will be charging a small fee for this resource. We want to see children learning life skills from all walks of life and we want to share what lessons we have learned and move into a new revolution.

We continue to search for donors interested in donating time, skills or financially. For more information contact: or visit

Billy Mawhiney is the founder of Time at the Table, a nonprofit focused on reconnecting families around the dinner table. Billy was originally living in NYC when he launched TATT and has since moved back to the Midwest where he currently resides in Mitchell, SD. He continues moving the mission forward through cooking classes for kids, gardening programs and simply connecting food and communities.

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