The Family Center Celebrates Food Day

Big_apple_crunch_by_BSWEL_2012.jpgOn October 24th The B-SWEL program at The Family Center held an exciting event in our Brooklyn office for the second annual Food Day. The B-SWEL program (Brooklyn- Stay Well, Enjoy Life) is a diabetes prevention and control program located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The B-SWEL program’s theme for Food Day was Nutrition Myth Busters.

The event began with a roomful of clients as well as staff participating in New York City’s first Big Apple Crunch, an attempt to set the record for the “Most Participants in an Apple Crunching Event.” Clients and staff had a great time tasting seven different kinds of apples including Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Suncrisp, Fuji, and Crispin. Honey crisp was the overall favorite, but clients were surprised by how unique and interesting all the different kinds of apples tasted.

After clients had their fill of apples, we got down to business and discussed how the nutrient claims on the front of food packages can be misleading, and how it is important to read the nutrition facts panel to get all of the information. As an example, we discussed how cereals claiming to be “whole grain” or “high fiber” can still contain a lot of sugar.

We also talked about nutrient claims with clear definitions that are important to look out for, such as low fat, reduced fat, and fat-free. Clients had a chance to ask the B-SWEL staff about some nutrition myths. Questions included - Is agave better for you than honey or sugar? (No, sugar is sugar).  Is peanut butter healthy? (yes! Just watch portion size). Clients learned a lot, and left with a renewed appreciation for apples!

At The Family Center we work to empower our clients to be nutrition sleuths and to make informed decisions that impact their health and the health of those around them, and we loved being able to participate in Food Day.

Rachel Berger, M.S., R.D. is a case manager for the B-SWEL program at the Family Center. You can connect with the Family Center on Facebook, Wordpress, and Twitter.

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