Food Day and our partners have compiled a host of useful resources. Whether you’re searching for tips on planning an event, free tools to publicize your event, in need of fact sheets, or simply want tips for how you and your family can live and eat more healthfully—we’ve got you covered!

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Organizing Guides

*New* Guide for Organizers 2014 The Guide for Organizers will provide you with useful, detailed advice and tools for creating great Food Day events. Inside you'll find checklists for what makes a great Food Day, talking points, examples of past Food Day events, coalition building strategy, and much more.

Guide for Campus Organizers 2013 Find everything you need to bring Food Day 2013 to your campus including organizing strategies, event ideas and examples from Food Day 2012, and sample planning timelines.

Guide for School Organizers 2013 Need ideas for how to bring Food Day to your school classroom, lunch room, or garden? Look no further!

Film Screening Guide 2013

Suggested Speakers for Food Day 2013

About Food Day

Food Day Campaign Report 2013 The 2013 Campaign Report offers a visual snapshot of what the 3rd annual Food Day celebration looked like, on and around October 24, 2013.

Food Day 2013 Two-Page Wrap Up

Food Day 2013 Brochure Use the 2013 brochure as a way to reach out to your community, friends, and family about Food Day.

Food Day 2013 Spanish Brochure

Food Day Recipe Cards

Food Day Newspaper 2013

Food Day Press Archive 2012 See how the press covered Food Day 2012 with highlights from USA Today, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and many local media outlets.

Food Day Suggested Reading List Want to brush up on the Food Day priorities? Check out our extensive Food Day suggested reading list that includes children's books, histories, ethnographies, cook books, and more.


Our one-pagers are a great resource to give your audience a snapshot of what Food Day is all about.

*New* One-pager: General Food Day Info

One-pager: Food Day in Restaurants

One-pager: Food Day on Campus

One-pager: Food Day in Schools

One-pager: Food Day at the Farmers Market

Company Opportunities 2013

Infographics & Fact Sheets

Infographic - The American Diet: A Prescription for Ill Health

Infographic - Children's Diets: A Prescription for Ill Health

Fact Sheet - The American Diet-A Prescription for Ill Health

Fact Sheet - Children's Diets-A Prescription for Ill Health

Fact Sheet - Minorities are at a Greater Risk of Diet-related Diseases

Media Tools

Media Guide 2013

Sample Media Advisory 2013

Sample Press Release 2013


Guide for Campus Organizers 2013 Whether you're a student, faculty, or an administrator this guide will provide you with essential resources to help you bring healthy, sustainable food to your campus.

One-pager: Food Day on Campus


Nutrition toolkit created for Food Day by ChopChop magazine (English)

Nutrition toolkit created for Food Day by ChopChop magazine (Spanish)

Guide for School Organizers 2013 Discover ideas for bringing Food Day to your school classroom, lunch room, or garden.

Food Day School Curriculum 2013 Designed for upper elementary and middle school students, the curriculum offers five lessons designed to teach children the importance of eating real, fresh food; cutting back on processed foods; and advocating for a healthier community. The lessons can be easily adapted for older or younger students. Teachers are highly encouraged to use the curriculum on the week of October 24.

Food Day School Curriculum Lesson Materials (PowerPoint version) Slides and graphics that accompany each of the Food Day curriculum lessons. PDF version. 

One-pager: Food Day in Schools

Get Food Education in Every School resources


Food Day is a celebration, and what would a celebration—especially one about food—be without delicious food? We’ve adapted a variety of delicious, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes from some of the country’s most prominent chefs and cookbook writers.

2013 Food Day Recipe Cards Three new tasty, healthy, and affordable recipes to use at your Food Day celebration, or anytime of the year!
2012 Food Day Recipe Cards Our recipe cards contain four easy to follow recipes for you to use as Food Day promotional materials or for your own personal recipe collection.

Eat Real Recipe Booklet Check out tasty, healthy, and affordable recipes from some of America's top chefs, including Dan Barber, Rick Bayless, and Nina Simonds. Download a copy and share some delicious food with your friends and family on Food Day and every day!


Sample Mayoral Proclamation

Sample Governor's Proclamation


Inquiry Template - Soliciting Funds from Foundations This Letter of Inquiry template can be used to help you draft a proposal for Food Day funding from local, regional, or national foundations.

Food Day Discussion Guides

Menu for the Future 

Hungry for Change 

Other Resources

Healthy Halloween Kit Halloween is all about getting creative and having fun - from tricking out your costume to making cool, ghoulish treats. Here are a few Halloween tricks and treats you can try that make good for you fun too!


Food Day Archive Click here to see previous years' Food Day Campaign Reports, Newspapers, and Posters.


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