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We’ll never be able to match the resources of America’s junk-food manufacturers that discourage cooking. But with our help, and armed with just a dozen or so basic, healthy recipes kids have begun to reclaim their health.

All over America, activities happen on Food Day to ensure that kids are as familiar with vegetable peelers, cutting boards, and mixing bowls as they are with iPads, iPhones, and video games. Thousands of kids will discover a new vegetable, chop their first salad, and make their first soup on October 24. And those experiences might be the start of a lifetime of healthier eating.

Learning just one simple recipe can instill a love of cooking real food from scratch. What’s more, getting kids cooking can be a fun, hands-on first step to food and nutrition education.

Food Day and our partners have compiled a host of useful resources. Check back often, as we're frequently adding new materials.

Food Day Cookbook Check out tasty, healthy, and affordable recipes from some of America's top chefs, including Dan Barber, Rick Bayless, and Nina Simonds. Download a copy and cook some delicious food on Food Day and every day!

Food Day Recipe Cards Three tasty, healthy, and affordable recipes to use at your Food Day celebration, or anytime of the year!

Nutrition Toolkit (English) (Spanish) from ChopChop magazine with fun lessons on how to compare ingredients, read a nutrition label, and think about food ads. Check out the new cookbook, ChopChop: The Kids’ Guide to Cooking Real Food with Your Family.

Step–by–Step Guide Let’s Get Cooking Step-by-Step Guide from Family Cook Productions will help you to organize your cooking class with kids.

Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables program Use this free sample pack to get students excited about fruits and vegetables—eating them, learning about them, and understanding why they’re so good for you.

The Kids Cook Monday Toolkits are great resources for parents, teachers, chefs, and community leaders who want to get kids cooking.

Songs For A Healthier America features 19 songs from legendary rap icons that encourage healthy eating, drinking, and exercise.

Check out more resources for schools here.

"Cooking with your kids--which leads inexorably to sitting down and eating meals as a family--is one of the simplest yet most powerful steps you can take to improving your family's health and well-being, as well as the health of the entire food system." -Michael Pollan, Author, Professor of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley



California Alliance with Family Farmers

California Food Literacy Center

Cooking Matters in the Store

Cooking with Kids

DC Greens

Everybody Eats Lunch

Family Cook Productions

Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY)

Food Corps - Des Moines, IA

Food Day


Grand Rapids Downtown Market


Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA)

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment

Kids Food Festival

Lincoln School

North Carolina PTA

Nurture Idaho

Nurture Illinois

Oregon State University Sherman County Extension

Project Healthy Schools

Real Food for Kids

Recipe for Success

The Co-op Natural Foods

The Creative Kitchen

The Food Trust

Time at the Table



Wheeling Country Day School

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