Lazy Consumer Resolves to Reduce Food Waste

“So, are you making any resolutions this year?” If you’re like me, that sequence of words sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Some years I couldn’t care less about trying to come up with the perfect resolution. Other years I have one in mind, but don’t feel like broadcasting it to the world.  


This year, I’m throwing caution to the wind and telling y’all: In 2013, I’m going to address one of my most embarrassing food habits. No, I’m not referring to my peanut butter cup addiction. I’m talking about reducing the amount of food I throw away.

I’ve read the headlines and seen the reports: I know I’m not the only lazy consumer out there.  According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, American families throw out about 25% of the food and drink they buy. Media coverage of food waste points the finger at everything from bulk purchasing to confusing expiration dates, but frankly, I blame myself.

So far, my plan for turning this resolution into reality consists of: 

If all else fails, I may put a sign on my fridge that says “EAT YOUR FOOD.”  Put that way, how hard can it be? 

(I’ll let you know…)

By day, Meg is a Consumer Strategist at Iconoculture, helping clients in the food and beverage industry understand consumer behavior. By night, she is a graduate student at Boston University pursuing a Master’s degree in Gastronomy with an emphasis in food policy.

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