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Food_Education.jpgWhen kids are immersed in enjoyable activities, they absorb and retain information more effectively. For example, the more children cook and prepare fresh food from scratch, the more likely they are to appreciate healthier and more varied ingredients. Similarly, the more children plant and harvest fruits and veggies, the more motivated they’ll be to eat them also.

The Get Food Education in Every School campaign champions these ideas, providing an opportunity to start talking about how food education should be an integrated part of the school curriculum, and hands-on cooking and food skills should be taught to every child, at every school in the country. If every child had the opportunity to learn about, grow, and cook food, we believe they’d have the knowledge and tools to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Sign on to support and share your belief that food education should be available for every child, in every school in America.

The Kids Food Festival, returning to NYC’s Bryant Park on March 1st and 2nd, embodies this philosophy of learning through fun with its weekend full of family-friendly events! Families will cook, dance, laugh, and taste their way to making balanced food choices!

At the Kids Food Festival, presented by The Creative Kitchen, kids engage all five senses through hands-on, food-related activities. The magic of the festival is rooted in the fact that kids are having so much fun participating in flavorful activities, that they don’t even realize how much they are learning! Enthusiastic eaters and little epicures alike can attend hands-on cooking classes at the James Beard Foundation Future Foodies Pavilion, where renowned chefs pass on their recipes, skills, and love for all things culinary to a new generation of learners. The Balanced Plate Scavenger Hunt (based on USDA guidelines) is the core educational element of the Festival. To complete the hunt, kids bounce between exhibitors and activities to sample tasty, wholesome snacks while learning the importance of achieving balance in their food choices. Families will enjoy live musical performances, a disco dance party, fitness workshops, and more, with each of the activities relaying special messages about healthful eating!


The Kids Food Festival founder and Big Cheese of The Creative Kitchen, Cricket Azima, has a passion for providing cooking classes to children in New York City. “The Kids Food Festival is wonderful because it combats the very serious issue of childhood obesity in such a fun and effective way. We are able to promote and support companies that make healthful living delicious, and kids go home from the events excited about the new, better-for-you foods that they embraced,” Cricket explains. “Through the Festival, we get to reach thousands of families in one weekend, and that in itself is incredible.”

General admission to the event is free, and tickets to the hands-on cooking classes in the James Beard Foundation Future Foodies Pavilion can be purchased at The KFF is excited to support the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Visit, or the Kids Food Festival Facebook page, and on Twitter at @KidsFoodFestFun!

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