Organizing Guides

Looking for event ideas, a sample planning timeline, a list of outreach contacts, or media materials? Check out our organizing guides—for communities, schools, campuses, the press, or faith groups, and more—for tools and tips to get organizing for Food Day. 

Guide for Organizers Get ideas for hosting events and coordinating in your area. Includes strategies, sample events, and more.

Guide for Campus Organizers Find everything you need to bring Food Day 2015 to your campus including organizing strategies, event ideas and examples from past years, and sample planning timelines.

Guide for School Organizers Need ideas for how to bring Food Day to your school classroom, lunch room, or garden? Look no further!

Guide for Faith Organizers For details on how to incorporate Food Day into your faith community, check out the Guide!

New Film Screening Guide

2015 Food Day Dinner Party Kit Good friends and family; delicious, healthy food; fun and timely conversation--sounds like a great event! Our Dinner Party Kit has all you need to throw a memorable Food Day dinner, including recipes, conversation cards, and pumpkin stencils for your Food Day jack-o'-lantern!

Healthy Halloween Kit Halloween is all about getting creative and having fun - from tricking out your costume to making cool, ghoulish treats. Here are a few Halloween tricks and treats you can try that make good for you fun too!

Media Tools

Media Guide

Sample Media Advisory A media advisory succinctly conveys the key details of an upcoming event - the "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" - which helps media personnel decide whether they can cover your event. Use this sample advisory as an example only, and fill in the details of your Food Day event before you send it to any news outlets. Media advisories should be sent a few days to a week before your event.

Sample Press Release A press release is a more thorough description of your event, and should contain enough information for a reporter to write a story even if she could not attend. Be sure to include quotes from key figures, and convey a narrative that will appeal to the public; your press release could be picked up by a news outlet and used verbatim. Use this sample press release as a template to create your own, and send it to your media targets the day of your event.

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