Friday Food Day Recipe: Healthy Holiday School Parties

The holidays are here—and with them, a seemingly endless string of sugary treats. But it doesn’t have to be that way at the school party. This year, why not plan an all-natural, healthy food celebration to show students how fun and delicious it can be to eat from the rainbow?

From cran­ber­ries and cherry toma­toes to avo­ca­dos and kiwis, there are many kid friendly fruits and veg­gies that fit a holiday color theme. I tested the following recipes at a recent gath­er­ing of eight ele­men­tary and preschool-age chil­dren. They gob­bled up the snacks, not leav­ing a crumb even big enough for a mouse.


Raspberry "reindeer" mini-muffins: 100% whole wheat flour and 2 cups of rasp­ber­ries make these mini muffins a healthy treat.


Strawberry and Grape Kabobs: Simply alter­nate fresh straw­ber­ries and green grapes on small bam­boo flat picks.


Frozen yogurt rasp­ber­ries: These may look fancy but they are shock­ingly easy to make. Just put Greek yogurt in a plas­tic bag­gie. Place the bag­gie in the freezer for just a few min­utes to harden it a bit. Snip one cor­ner and “pipe” the yogurt into each rasp­berry.

Stacy Whitman is the author of the blog "School Bites: One Mom's Crusade for Better Nourished Kids at School (and at Home!)". After getting fup with the food situation at her son's elementary school she took action and started a wellness committee.

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