Welcome to the new FoodDay.org!

FoodDay.org will become an invaluable tool to share information at the grassroots, grasstops, and national levels. The site’s many new features will make it easier than ever for users to find and share information about food issues, as well as register their Food Day events.

Welcome to the new and much improved FoodDay.org! This site operates on the NationBuilder platform, an innovative tool used by organizers across the country to build unstoppable campaigns. We appreciate the work of the NationBuilder and EchoDitto teams in getting the Food Day site up and running.

As October 24th approaches, and FoodDay.org populates with coordinators, events, and Eating Real enthusiasts, we will have a unique catalog of the champions of the real food movement throughout the country. Through this new Food Day blog, for instance, we hope to share the stories of organizers who are working on food issues at the local, state, regional, or national levels.

This is your space to share best practices for starting a food policy council, share ideas about activities being planned for Food Day and how you are using it to leverage the work you are doing, and present information about the five Food Day priority areas in practice. 

What else can you do with the new FoodDay.org?

  • Post your event in Get Involved, or choose one (or more!) to attend
  • Access Resources from recipes to guides for organizers
  • Connect with participants using social media or by posting on their FoodDay.org Public Profiles
  • Share your events directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • Communicate easily with your event’s attendees
  • Quickly find coordinators in your area who are also planning Food Day activites

Because NationBuilder is designed to support campaigns, the site incorporates the concept of political capital, or ‘pc’ – you can think of it as ‘participation credits’ if you like. You’ll earn ‘pc’ when you host an event, sign up as a coordinator, share a link via social media, donate to Food Day, or take another action through the site, and you can find your current ‘pc’ on your public profile. If you reach the highest levels of participation, the Food Day team will reward you with a special prize in October!

So many organizers, including those with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council and Montana Food Corps told us in 2011, “It’s so great to be hooked into a national movement!”  We hope that the new Food Day site will allow you to be even more plugged into to the food movement, taking an active role in this national celebration and mobilization.

Let’s come together this October 24 to raise awareness and move forward on our nation’s most pressing food priorities.  Sign up to host an event or register as a coordinator today.

It’s time to Eat Real, America!

-- Lilia Smelkova, Food Day Campaign Manager