Food Day 2012: Green Smoothies for Everyone!

DSC_1376.JPGWho says kids won’t eat spinach? At Clinton Elementary School in Columbus Ohio, we celebrated Food Day by serving green smoothies at lunchtime for our students. The PTA’s Wellness Committee sponsored the event, and parent volunteers pitched in to make and serve more than 300 smoothies in the school’s cafeteria.

Kids were clamoring for the bright green smoothies, made from spinach, bananas, and frozen pineapple. We did a brief talk about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and provided the recipe to parents in our weekly PTA newsletter.


Feedback from the children and parents was overwhelmingly positive. It was incredibly rewarding to see our students excited about their healthy drink (and even asking for seconds!). Kids really can love fresh, whole foods. We just have to give them the chance.

Author’s Bio: Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, educator, freelance writer, and mom of two. She serves as co-chair for the PTA Wellness Committee at Clinton Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio. She also blogs at

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