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ferry_plaza_farmers_market_sf.jpgFood Day's platform is very broad and goes across all sectors of the food movement, from public health to animal welfare. Food Day 2016 will focus on greener diets as a way to address health and environmental issues.

Toward a Greener Diet: The typical American diet is contributing to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems. Those problems cost Americans more than $150 billion per year. Plus, a meat-heavy diet takes a terrible toll on the environment. Eating Real can save your own health and our planet and put our food system on a more humane, sustainable path. To learn more about your diet's impact on your health and the environment, answer 14 Questions that Could Save Your Life and the Planet.

Food JusticeIn 2014, Food Day had a special focus on issues related to food justice. Food Day envisions food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment, farm animals, and the people who grow, harvest, and serve it.

Food Education: Children who know where our food comes from and how to cook meals will have a big advantage when it comes to being healthy and avoiding chronic diseases. Introducing kids to new fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—along with a few basic recipes—can put them on track to make smart food choices for life. If you teach a child to cook, a lot of other things fall into place. In 2013, Food Day's theme was food education.

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    What areas of the #foodsystem is #FoodDay2015 focused on? Check it out & get involved today:
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    What areas of the #foodsystem is #FoodDay2015 focused on? Check it out & get involved today:
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    Excellent, Gracias!
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    Food education for people is especially important as a positive influence on their food-related knowledge and skills, eating and physical activity behaviours, and health status.
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    You said very well about the ‘Food education’ I’d like to add one more point here that ’we should also tell the importance of food to our children and must educate them not to waste it – overall great post thanks for this –
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    Great article! But, from what I read and believe the article should have also looked at the food that goes to waste. At the same time people in poor disadvantaged communities suffer due to lack of food..What do think of this as a food focus area
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    Oh reallly schools and campuses how about the millions of homeless not eating healthy meals as well but i bet no one focuses on us.I know for a fact that isw correct i live in La Jolla California we get 3 days a week 1 pb and j sandwich a croissant apple cup of coffee maybe a danish.The other 2 days tues thurs another sack lunch consisting of basicly the same.And everyone has been donating to Mary Star of the Sea church in La Jolla as well as The Presbyterian Church we get two hot meals a month which is primarily consumed by all those NOT homeless in La Jolla California that usually have vehicles homes to live in.Forget about US?
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    CorpCROP focuses on teaching adults about healthy food, our sustainable wellness program incorporates organic edible gardens in the work place. We will be setting up informational sessions at businesses – please let us know if you are interested. Thank you! Jen
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