Cooking Matters at the Store Shopping Tours

The Cooking Matters at the Store Shopping Tour is designed to make grocery shopping more fun, and to also make it healthier.

The tour includes a walk through the produce department to learn how to buy fruits and vegetables. The tour also goes through canned foods, bread and rice, juice, and frozen departments, just to name a few. In each area of the store, different tips and tricks are given to participants to help make grocery shopping a better experience.

The tour also includes tips on cost comparisons and how to get the most “bang for the buck”. Money can be a hard subject to talk about, so the tour is designed to help provide families with the most nutrient-rich foods for the lowest possible price.

Shoppers learn to read nutrition labels with emphasis on sodium and sugar in foods that we don’t always think about when shopping. Tour activities, like looking at the difference between fruit juice, canned fruit, and the fresh fruit nutrition, can help participants to make better shopping decisions in the future.

Another fun tip in the tour is finding “manager’s specials” or discounted foods, such as bread, and teaching participants that they can freeze bread for up to six months before using it so they can take advantage of discounted bread items. Shoppers learn other saving tricks like freezing milk that they can’t use before the expiration date.

The grocery store tours can be conducted stand alone or as a piece of the Cooking Matters course which is a seven week class that includes lessons such as knife skills and how to use different spices and seasonings. There are different versions including Cooking Matters for Adults, Cooking Matters for Kids and Cooking Matters for Families. The following video is an example of the Shopping Tour:

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Melissa graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2012 and has been a WIC Nutritionist ever since. Her nutrition focus is on children and starting them off with a healthier lifestyle to follow them into adulthood.

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