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Food Day organizing groups have formed in communities all around the country. Many local groups have websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts to help with outreach, communications, and information/resource sharing. See our list of local Food Day groups below. Don’t see accounts or websites for your area below? Contact your local coordinator and see if they have an online presence. If they don’t, feel free to start one and spread the word about Food Day! If you would like to have your local website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter listed on this page, please leave a comment below or email 


Statewide: Facebook


East Valley: Facebook

Phoenix: Facebook


Statewide: Facebook

District of Columbia

Washington, DC: Facebook  Twitter  Blog


Statewide: Facebook  Twitter


Statewide: Facebook

Savannah: Website


Chicago: Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Website

Elgin: Website


Greater Kansas City: Facebook

Topeka: Facebook


New Orleans: Facebook  Twitter  Blog


Statewide: Twitter


Statewide: Facebook  Twitter

Lowell: Website

Worcester: Facebook


Statewide: Facebook


University of Minnesota: Facebook


Kansas City: Facebook  Website  

Springfield: Facebook  Twitter  Website

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire: Facebook

New Jersey

Livingston: Facebook

New Mexico

Statewide: Facebook

North Carolina

Salisbury: Facebook

New York

Statewide: Facebook

Putnam County: Facebook


Omaha: Facebook


Statewide: Facebook


Lancaster: Facebook

Lehigh Valley: Facebook

South Carolina

Charleston: Facebook

Rhode Island

Statewide: Facebook


Austin: Facebook

Dallas: Facebook

San Antonio: Facebook


James Madison University: Facebook

Shenandoah Valley: Facebook


Statewide: Facebook

West Virginia

Statewide: Facebook


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    At our local AZ WIC agency in Nogales, we plan to raise awareness about the latest on obesity in AZ. Even though the newspapers toot that Obesity in AZ levels off but we are still in the red and alot of work needs to be done. Our WIC agency offer nutrition education services to families with infants and children up to 5 years old. This is the best opportunity and the best time to make a change, an impact, a difference in these children’s lives towards healthy life styles!
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    I’m part of a team organizing Food Day in Del Norte County and the adjacent Tribal lands. We are in the far northwest corner of California and getting ready for our third year of Food Day events. Our schedule is still getting finalized with times, but it will be up soon on our Food Day 2013 page of our Growing Tables blog:
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    I’m thinking of organizing a little exhibition in my school with the help of my students who have to prepare their own posters against junk food and for a healthy lifestyle I came across your website by chance and I’d like to know if it’s possible to get posters or things like that as…!!!I’m interested in the Food Day,

    Thanks a lot,
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    Twitter: @nolafoodday
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    also our Food Day website for Elgin Illinois is
    Thank you for adding our website and facebook links under Illinois.
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    Elgin Illinois has a Facebook Page
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    I would like to be a coordinator for this area of North Carolina. We also hosted Food Revolution on May 19th for this area and had people from all over the piedmont region attend. It was a huge success!

    In North Carolina, Cabarrus and Rowan Counties have eight census tracts that are described as food deserts. Nearly 50,000 residents of Cabarrus and Rowan Counties live in food deserts, with 41% defined as having low access. In a most recent study, Rowan County ranked 97 out of a 100 with regards to access to healthy food, many of which have the potential for life threatening health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

    In October 2012, Mobile Farm Fresh, a local non-profit and mobile farmer’s market, will be launched in an effort to bring healthy, local whole foods to areas that do not have easy access to grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Collaborating with schools, worksites, and faith-based organizations, we will reach a substantial portion of residents of low income individuals and neighborhoods with messages, interventions, and education on health & wellness to improve health and nutrition.
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    I’m Nad, I teach English to French students, in France, and we’ve been working on junk food lately, I’m interested in the Food Day, I came across your website by chance and I’d like to know if it’s possible to get posters or things like that as I’m thinking of organizing a little exhibition in my school with the help of my students who have to prepare their own posters against junk food and for a healthy lifestyle …!!!
    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi there, Can you please update the Georgia Listings with one for the 2012 Savannah Food Day festival. The link is Thank you!
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    Florida also has a Facebook page: :-)
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