Book Review: Fat Profits

Bookcover.JPGMeet Becky Clausen, a busy young mom and newly promoted Director of Nutrition for fictional International Food and Milling’s (IFM) domestic food and beverage division.  Turning the first few pages of Bruce Bradley’s rapidly paced thriller, Fat Profits, the reader can sense the palpable tension as Becky waits for her first corporate jet ride. 

Later, back at the fictional corporation, based in Wayzata, Minnesota, the multiple flat screen televisions, company club kiosks, dry cleaning services, exercise studios, and other amenities set the stage for the drama that unfolds.  The cubicles and conference rooms of the young marketers and hot shot sales professionals come to life as they work overtime to prepare for a product launch described by one executive as “our make or break deal for IFM”.   

Bradley, a former Big Food executive tells the tale of multiple murders and intrigue to raise the stakes in this suspenseful tale of common man/woman vs. corporate evil. Even though Bradley claims his first book is pure fiction, Fat Profits, does more than entertain, it educates with details of how Big Food operates from the executive suite to the private conference rooms of Washington DC hotels. Having worked in Big Food the characters, pace and setting all feel very real and compelling.

Originally published on the Solar Drive-In blog:

Deanne Bryce, former Big Food executive coach, is co-owner at Solar’s Real Food and blogger at Real Local Cooking. She takes a stand for growing, eating, and cooking with real food, the stuff that is grown on a farm or garden and cooked in a kitchen not a food laboratory or manufacturing facility.

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