Apple Crunch

 Apple Crunch

The Big Apple Crunch originated in New York City in 2012, with approximately 400,000 New Yorkers biting into a locally grown New York State apple at the same time on Food Day. Now the activity has spread across the country, and many locations had “apple crunches” for Food Day! Check out some of the highlights below.


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  • MI - Michigan Apple Crunch: On October 24, Cherry Capital Foods joined thousands in schools, hospitals, government agencies, and universities in Michigan in biting into an apple.
  • Berks County, PA - Daniel Boone School District Apple Crunch: On October 24, Daniel Boone School District offered all students at five schools a free apple in the cafeteria during breakfast to encourage students to try a healthy food item.
  • Montgomery County, PA - Lower Merion School District Apple Crunch: On October 31, 3,500 students in six elementary schools in the Lower Merion School District in the greater Philadelphia region participated in an apple crunch.
  • Bismarck & Mandan, ND - School Apple Crunch: On October 24, Bismarck and Mandan schools and worksites took a crunch into an apple!
  • Cecilia, KY - Lakers Apple Crunch: Students in grades 6-8 received an apple that was purchased from a local orchard.
  • Prince George's County, MD - Apple Crunch: On October 24 at noon, children and adults took a bite out of an apple as a pledge to maintain healthier lifestyles. 
  • Cape Elizabeth, ME - Apple Crunch: On October 24, students at Pond Cove Elementary School and others at the town’s Thomas Memorial Library crunched into an apple donated by the Cape Farm Alliance.
  • Greater Kansas City, MO & KS - Apple Share: On October 24, 20 locations across Greater Kansas City participated in an apple share, handing out 4,000 of these crisp red orbs.
  • Boston, MA - Apple Crunch: On October 24 at noon, Boston had its first apple crunch! 500 apples were donated by the Greater Boston Gleaners, who volunteer to rescue surplus produce from local farms and donate it to food pantries and shelters.
  • Phoenix, AZ - Apple Crunch: On October 24 at noon, Phoenix hosted its first Apple Crunch! Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Dr. Bob England, director of Maricopa County Department of Public Health, and Will Humble, Director of Arizona Department of Health Services, encouraged residents to crunch into an apple as a unified approach to healthy, affordable, sustainable food! Over 2,000 people "crunched" at the Phoenix Food Day Celebration in downtown Phoenix. 
  • Briarcliff Manor, NY - Apple Crunch: On October 24, students and faculty at Todd Elementary School bit into local apples in the morning!
  • Reeds Spring, MO - Apple Crunch: Students at the middle school bit into an apple on October 24 to celebrate Food Day!
  • Cary, NC - Apple Crunch: 200 students at Oak Grove Elementary crunched into an apple donated by Whole Foods Market Cary on October 24 at 9:00 am.
  • Jennings, LA - Apple Crunch: On October 24, students in Hathaway High School Family and Consumer Sciences classes crunched into apples to promote healthier eating habits.
  • Provo, UT - Apple Crunch: 553 students, 7+ staff members, and 33 teachers at Spring Creek Elementary School crunched into a Crispy Jazz Apple after a countdown by Missy Hamilton, the Principal. A fact sheet about the Jazz Apple was given to each teacher to go over with her students before the big CRUNCH!

*Exclusive* Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) Apple Educational Card. JOFF (USA) provided this apple card exclusively for Food Day to go alongside apple crunch activities and bring a bit of fun food education to the day. This Apple card is one of 14 simple fresh fruit and vegetable fun and educational lesson plans. Each focuses on a particular fruit or vegetable along with a recipe and food facts and can be taught in the classroom, at an afterschool program, or for adults in the workplace and builds a foundation to get anyone eating more fruits and vegetables and trying new ones, while also learning about where the fruit and veg comes from and why they are good for them. Register your interest in the full program here.

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    Apples carry one of the biggest loads of pesticides. Get organic ones or home grown ones.
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    There’s not one white child there. There are 14 white adults, however, and 3 white adults.
    I the NYC school system still not beautifully mixed? We have the opposite problem here in the starving State of Maine… 1.3 million people, and only 3.5% of them are non-whites. So our picture would look a lot like yours, except that we would have no ruling class of minority adults… . Just saying’ .
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