20 Recipes

 Every child deserves the skill to prepare healthy meals. Let's get cooking!

Introducing "20 Recipes to Get Kids Cooking," a brand new collection of affordable, approachable, and delicious recipes for beginner chefs young and old. It features 20 ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by Kate Sherwood, Nutrition Action Healthletter’s Culinary Institute of America-trained culinary director, plus recipes from the authors of the new book Get Your Family Eating Right.

We hope you use these recipes to learn a new recipe with a child in your life, and celebrate eating real on Food Day! Join us on October 24 to teach kids to cook around the country, at school or at home, and register your cooking class on the national map of Food Day events with the title "Let's Get Cooking with Kids."

20 Recipes to Get Kids Cooking!


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