10-Day Local Food Challenge

Food Day is proud this year to partner with the 10-Day Local Food Challenge.


Local food is fresh, healthy, and delicious. But it’s not just the “what” of food – an apple, a sweet potato. It’s the “where” of food – closer to home. It’s the “who” of food – grown by neighbors, shared with friends. This makes “local” food that builds strong communities and resilient economies.

But how local can we go? And for how long? Take a deeper dive into your food sources by doing the 10-Day Local Food Challenge. In September founder Vicki Robin will offer two free online classes to inform and inspire you.

 For 10 days

You eat food grown within 100 miles of your home

Giving yourself 10 exotics, foods from afar you can’t live without.

Official dates: October 1-24 (but do it anytime you can)

Click here to find out how you can do the Challenge, and how you can get support.

Do the 10-Day Local Food Challenge in October, and join the bigger game being the change for healthy local food systems. Celebrate your success on Food Day.

Organizations joining Food Day in supporting the 10-Day Local Food Challenge:

The Food Revolution

Post Carbon Institute

Transition US

KicknNutrition TV

Green America

The Evolver Network

Take Back Your Time



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